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Passport requirements

Valid travel documents

While global travel can be full of surprises and unknowns, your experience at the airport shouldn't be. Be a prepared and confident globetrotter and go over this checklist to ensure a comfortable journey through the world's airports and immigration checkpoints.

  • Carry all necessary travel documents as required by the destination country with regard to your country of origin. Travel documents include visas, ESTAs, vaccination records, etc.
  • Carry a passport valid for at least 90 days beyond your travel period.
  • Many countries require proof of a return journey and a first destination address so be sure to carry this information with you.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to gather information about and obtain required travel documents, visas and travel authorizations (as applicable) needed for entry into the destination country.

All passengers require a valid passport or travel document to check in for our flights. This includes adults, children, and infants.

All passengers require a valid passport or valid travel document to check in for our flights. This includes adults, children, and infants.

Travel between Keflavik and Copenhagen

Travelers with Nordic citizenship are allowed to travel with PLAY between Nordic countries by presenting other identity than passport. This is only regarding travels of Nordic citizens between Nordic countries.


Passengers travelling with PLAY are now not required to present a valid passport on their journey if they are able to present other identity documentation issued by their governments. This decision is made in accordance with the Nordic agreement on passport free travel and will only affect Nordic citizens and their travels with PLAY to and from CPH and KEF from 26JUL2021.

Traveling through Keflavík Airport in Iceland

When traveling to a Schengen area you must check if you are required to hold a VISA for entering your PLAY destination.

For updated information about Schengen visa requirements please click here.

Traveling to the United Kingdom

The UK requires all passengers to send additional personal information before traveling there, API (Advanced Passenger Information). You can fill the required information out through MyPLAY or during online check-in. It is really easy and should only take a few minutes, but for those that do not remember their passport numbers, eye color and height - we recommend keeping your passports close at hand.

When arriving in the UK your passport will be checked upon arrival. It must be valid for the duration of your stay. A valid visa might also be required before entering the country, depending on your nationality and purpose of stay. Read more here.