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1.000 Free Seats - The Gameplay

Low-cost airline PLAY launches sales to 7 destinations in Europe. Our inaugural flight will be June 24 and we're celebrating by giving away 1,000 free seats we've hidden on selected dates in our booking engine.

How can I look for a free seat?

  1. In our booking engine, enter your destination and choose a date.
  2. You'll see our calendar with our flights and prices below each date.
  3. If the price is 0 there's at least one free seat available. Please note that if the number of passengers in your booking exceeds the number of free seats available, all the passengers in your booking will be bumped up to the next available price class so your chances of grabbing a free seat decrease as the number of passengers in your booking increases.
  4. You’ll see an overview of the flights and prices available to you in the next step. You haven’t booked these prices until you finalize your booking with payment.
  5. Keep in mind that you might not be the only one searching for free seats on that date so you'll have to finish your booking fast to grab that seat.
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The small print:

  1. You'll have to book a round-trip flight to get a free seat on either flight leg. The strongest players will find free seats on both flights.
  2. You'll have to create a MyPLAY account during the booking process. It's a necessary step to finalize your booking.
  3. A certain number of seats on certain dates are free and up for grabs. If you're booking for many people it might affect your chances of finding a free seat.
  4. Please note that changes to dates, destinations and names are not available for free seats.