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Can I travel with sports equipment?

Sure thing! You can add your sports equipment to your booking during the booking process, through MyPLAY, and during online check-in.

Sports equipment

All checked baggage that is not in a suitcase and does not fall within normal bag specs is considered special baggage. This can be, but is not limited to, bikes, golf sets and skis. You can add it to your booking during the booking process, through your MyPLAY account, and during online check-in.

Flying with special equipment will come at an extra cost so make sure the price is right for you by checking out our optional fees here.


A golfer or skier?

All golf equipment and gear must be packed in a special golf travel bag. No other items should be packed with it. The maximum weight is 23 kg/44 lbs.

Skis + poles + shoes + helmet = 1 set of skis must be packed in a ski travel bag without any other items packed with it. The maximum weight is 20 kg/44 lbs.

Please note that all equipment needs to be carefully packed, so we recommend reading our packing guidelines hereLink opens in a new tab as well.

Not bringing any of the items mentioned above?

Again, no problem. Does your item fit the specs of our regular odd-sized bag? Regular odd-sized bags are all items that are larger than regular checked bags but no larger than 180x124 cm and 15 kg (70x48 in and 33 lbs), or suitcases that are not regular.

Still not enough?

If your item does not fit within the size requirements of the regular odd-sized bag you can choose the larger odd-sized bag option. The maximum weight is 32 kg/70 lbs and the size limit is 277x75x65 cm (109​x29​x25​ in​).